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  • We Offer Expert FX Technology & Liquidity Solutions
  • Trade Global Markets in FX, CFDs, Energy, Metals.
  • Favorable & Customized Prime of Prime Line of Credit

NSFX Prime is a Multi-Asset FX Prime Broker Solution Provider. Low Trading Cost - Best Execution - Trade Transparency

Who We Are

NSFX Prime is a trade name of NSFX Ltd., regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (License Number IS/56519). NSFX Prime is a global Multi-Asset Prime Brokerage solution provider. Our mission is to reduce trading costs, provide institutional liquidity with zero manipulation. We are driven to provide best execution & complete post-trade transparency, while offering ultra-competitive rates.

CFDs/FX Prime Solutions

By joining with NSFX Prime solution, your CFD/FX Brokerage can deploy our state-of-the-art offering in the OTC FX, precious metals, energy, and CFD marketplace. NSFX Prime will assist you in increasing account acquisition and retention. Improve trading revenues, and enhance overall client satisfaction for sustainable growth.

To learn more about our products and services, or to arrange a presentation with our expert staff, please fill in the contact form or by emailing us at info@nsfxprime.com.

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Our Services

Trade Execution

We allow clients to trade with top LPs using our credit profile and infrastructure. Just sign a single agreement with us and avoid signing multiple agreements with different LPs.

Trade Clearing

We provide a central clearing platform where you are able to consolidate post-trade reporting, risk management and settlement across all counterparties (LPs).

Trade Consolidation

All the trades executed are ‘given up’ to us. We assume your credit risk and that of your counterparties. We then consolidate the trades and calculate a single margin payment.

Risk Management

We provide risk management tools that allow you to monitor trading risk exposures in real time, identify operational issues and hedge undesired risks.

Comprehensive Reporting

We provide interactive, real-time mark-to-market reporting products which can be customised to your needs. All reporting is powered by Condor Prime Back Office.

Technical & Client Support

We maintain a 24-hour professional global support team to resolve issues encountered with trading. These teams are in multiple time zones and ensure complete confidentiality.

Advanced Technology

We offer award winning trading platforms, a proprietary CRM suite, and affiliate management tools. We are always looking to innovate. Custom development requests are welcome.

Business Advisory

We offer strategic and business advice to our clients on a wide range of issues including, but not limited to legal, accounting, market / risk management, employee training, and technology.

Start Your Own Brokerage

For Entrepreneurs, it is much easier, less risky, and more cost effective to enter the FX Brokerage space using our turnkey technology and liquidity solution.

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